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  • 2065 Springfield Avenue
  • Vauxhall, New Jersey 7088
  • United States

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Honesty is a main philosophy of our business, especially when dealing with customers and managing business expectations. We will not tell you that we can successfully clean and launder your garments unless we are fully confident that we can. We will never mislead a customer to gain one time business, but would much rather build a trusting relationship with you so you can feel confident to bring your garments to us in the future. We are prepared to handle your laundry chores as well as some other special services. Additionally, we pride ourselves on always meeting deadlines, meaning your garments will always be returned on time. WashClub Laundry is dedicated to providing your business with clean, fresh, fast laundry service.

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2065 Springfield Avenue
Vauxhall 7088
United States

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We are open 7 days a week and are available for any last minute emergencies - just give us a call!