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  • 214 South Industrial Blvd.
  • Trenton, Georgia 30752
  • United States

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Tritex Services is a independent, family owned and operated company providing quality linen, uniform, mat, mop restroom and hygiene service to a variety of businesses in TN, AL and GA, including food service, retail, restaurants, golf and country clubs, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Since 1989, Tritex Services has been serving Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia with quality linen, uniform and mat/ mop rental services. Whether you are a small or large company, Tritex will meet your needs with dependable service, a professional attitude and an understanding of what it takes to keep your business running smoothly. Tritex is a locally owned and operated company.Our commitment to quality is matched only by our dedication to providing convenience. We shall take away the burden of your laundry, linens, and restrooms to free your hands to focus on what matters most: your business. Tritex Services has been continually improving since it started in 1989. We have expanded the scope of our services, covering more industries and service locations. We have also developed systems and policies on auto-accounting, synced schedules, updated invoices, and inventory management among others. We are now servicing the Nashville, TN area and are able to provide our customers with the linen & uniform service they need.

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214 South Industrial Blvd.
Trenton 30752
United States

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